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Specialty Chemicals Industry – Making India a Global Manufacturing Powerhouse

Specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates such as HMDS, CMIC, HMDSO and TMCS have captured a significant share in the Indian market due to their immense demand in this part of the world. These chemicals are sold mainly on the basis of their function or performance. These chemicals can be complex formulations or single entities depending upon the client’s requirement. The emergence of several new specialty chemical manufacturers in the country have made India a global manufacturing powerhouse.


The major reason behind the increasing popularity of specialty chemicals industry is the fact that these intermediates are ken enablers for other prominent industries. These chemicals are used in popular industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and oilfield. With huge technical man-power and suitable demography, India has been a hub for manufacturing these specialty chemicals. Chemcon is a leading brand dealing in Specialty Chemicals in Vadodara, manufacturing intermediates and chemicals such as: HMDS and CMIC on a large scale.


Depletion of natural resources rapidly due to the increased population in India is the major cause behind the huge demand for specialty chemicals that aid in the manufacturing of several important medications. Specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates have a small life cycle, which is why the companies in India have now started investing significantly in R&D so that the consumer requirements can be met at all times. It is due to this disciplinary approach that the Pharmaceutical Intermediates Manufacturers in India have been able to contribute heavily towards making the country a global manufacturing powerhouse.

What are the most popular types of pharma intermediates available in India?

Hexamethyl Disilazane

HMDS or Hexamethyl Disilazane is a popular organ silicon compound which is a precursor, reagent to various basis that are used in organ metallic chemistry and organic synthesis. This colorless liquid is basically handled through comprehensive air-free techniques. HMDS is insoluble in water.

Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate (CMIC)

CMIC or Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate is another popular pharmaceutical intermediate which is used in manufacturing a medication named as tenofovir. This transparent and colorless liquid is helpful in creating tenofovir which in turn is a medication for treating AIDS and hepatitis B. It also acts as an intermediate in the process of organic synthesis.

Trimethyl Chlorosilane

Trimethyl Chlorosilane is a popular organo silicon compound which is insoluble in water. It is also known as chlorotrimethylsilane. This colorless liquid is used widely in the field of organic chemistry. The boiling range of this liquid is between 55 to 59 degree Celsius.

Hexamethyl Disiloxane

HMDSO is a clear and colorless liquid which is a popular organ silicon compound. This volatile liquid is also used as a reagent and solvent by many in the process of organic synthesis. The boiling range of this intermediate is between 101 to 104 degree Celsius.

These are some of the common pharma intermediate products which are manufactured in India on a large scale basis. Specialty chemicals in India have become increasingly popular mainly due to the widespread applications that these intermediates aid in.