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Sodium Bromide Solution

Sodium Bromide Specification:

Sodium bromideis a white powder that contains sodium and bromine in one is to one ratio. It is a salt with several important industrial uses. It is prepared by the neutralization of sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate with hydrobromic acid. The bromate formed is then evaporated and treated with carbon to obtain sodium bromide.

To be specific it is an inorganic compound with molecular formulaNaBr.nH2O. It boils at very high temperature and is a colorless and odorless liquid that is similar to sodium chloride. It is a single salt and dissolves easily in water. Sodium Bromide forms clear brine solution that can be used as a workover fluid or completion fluid. Sodium Bromide Solution is widely used as an important source of bromine ion.

Sodium Bromide Powder:

As a completion fluid it is used with density in the range of 8.4 to 12.8 lb/gal (1,007 to 1,534 kg/m). It is also useful when the formation water is rich in sulfate and bicarbonate ions. It is often used with Nacl to achieve densities in the range of 12.8 lb/gal (1,534 kg/m). This is a much affordable option and that is why NaBr solution is regularly mixed with Nacl solution.

Sodium Bromide Solution
is a very significant chemical. When used correctly it is used to prepare fluids that can bring all the desired results that are expected of drilling fluids.

It is prepared synthetically by the reaction of iron with bromine and water. This reaction leads to the creation of ferroso-ferric bromide which is then dissolved in water to which sodium carbonate is added. The solution is then evaporated to obtain sodium bromide powder.

Oil Drilling Formulation:

Sodium bromide has multiple uses in several fields. In the early part of 18th century it was used as an anti-convulsant and sedative. Of course it has been replaced by more advanced medicines. In the modern times, it finds many more use. For example, it is mixed with chlorine to disinfect water of the swimming pool.It can be also used to get bromine easily. However, sodium bromide is a little toxic in nature and should be stored carefully.

However, it’s most important use is as Oil Drilling Chemicals. This is where most of the sodium bromide manufactured is used. With sodium bromide completion fluid, drilling fluids or mud formations are made. It is possible to get best quality from some the reputed companies who manufacture it based on standard process maintaining 100% quality. Sodium bromide is high in demand in the mining industry.

Commercially it is prepared by mixing excess bromine to aqueous sodium hydroxide resulting in a bromine and bromide mixture. The products obtained are dried to get bromide from bromate.