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Significance of drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration projects

Ideal Drilling Fluids:

The exploration projects are indeed daunting enough that require lots of efforts because the drilling operations ought to be precise and perfect enough to extract out the fluids properly. The drilling fluids make the tasks pretty easier because these aid a lot in the process of drilling. Owing to their unique physical and chemical characteristics, the fluids have found utmost importance in this domain.

Exact Properties of Bromide:

These are also known as oilfield chemicals because of the prominence of use in the oilfields or petroleum bases. One of the most essential oilfield chemicals is known as Zinc Bromide (ZnBr2).

This is actually a clear and colorless brine solution that can either be used as a single salt or mixed with other salts like Calcium Bromide (CaBr2) for using in the petroleum projects. It is mainly the density and specific gravity properties of such salts that matter in the process. These are having thermal and chemical stability. However, the required density is being attained after appropriate preparation of the salts with measured components in the various chemical industries so that the final by-product is obtained exactly with the required quantities so as to assist in the drilling process of the petroleum exploration projects.

Benefits of Drilling Fluids:

The different types of advantages that are enjoyed by the petroleum companies in using the drilling fluids are mentioned hereunder:

  • The drilled cuttings that are produced during the course of drilling can be transferred easily to the top of the earth’s surface with the help of such fluids. This is possible because of the suspension properties of the fluids.
  • These also ensure that the drill bits do not get settled.
  • The fluids are also manufactured taking into account that these do not permit dispersion of solids from the surface or else the drill bits can disintegrate into fine particles and lead to the destruction of the producing zone and affect drilling efficiency as well.
  • The hydrostatic pressure being exerted by these fluids on the walls in the form of columns on the wall bore is another major characteristic that helps in controlling the pressure inside the wells where drilling is being carried out. The inflow or backwards flow of natural gas is also prevented by these fluids’ pressure properties.
  • Apart from these, the fluids are also very much useful in maintaining the stability of the well-bores, damage less and also help in lubrication of the drilling components.

Due to these reasons, the Drilling Fluids are always having high demand and hence, are manufactured in large amounts and exported by the chemical companies of India.