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Rise of global clear brine fluids (Calcium Bromide) market

Global clear brine fluids market was 920 kilo tons in 2012. Growing drilling activities across China, Egypt, Russia, Gulf of Mexico and the U.S. on account of growing energy demand is expected to remain a key driving factor for global clear brine fluids market. Increasing drilling activities has prompted the increase in global rig count which has further fueled the demand for clear brine fluids. The global rig count was recorded to be 3,419 as of May 2013. Shift towards development of unconventional energy resources such as shale gas, CBM and tight gas particularly in the U.S. and China is also expected to have a positive influence on the market growth. In addition, increasing investment in deep water exploration particularly in The Golden Triangle is also expected to have a positive impact on the market growth. The Golden Triangle refers to deep water oil & gas reserves covering the U.S. Gulf of Mexico (USGOM), offshore Brazil and offshore West Africa. Emergence of Asia Pacific as a lucrative deep water drilling region is also expected to fuel global clear brine fluids market. Asia Pacific accounted for 10% of total deep water drilling investment made in 2012. Increasing demand for clear brine fluids such as Calcium Bromide, Zinc Bromide as an alternative to conventional drilling fluids is expected to benefit the global market.