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On-shore Drilling Activity

Due to development in the field of technology and mechanics, many industries have taken steps forward to switch over to fully automated, safe and ecofriendly systems for drilling oil and natural gas. During performing on-shore drilling activity a by product of oil production is produced i.e. salt water. They are stored in disposal pits according to regulatory guidelines. Residual oil remains in this salt water. And during disposal of such salt water oil is skimmed from the surface and recovered. This recovered oil comprises of 40% of the total revenue of the company.

Use of Drilling Fluid

Oilfield Chemical Manufacturers
When oil is exposed to the air it degrades fast due to evaporation of organic volatile components present in it and the degraded oil is of no value to oil industries. Moreover organic volatile components evaporate as green house gases in atmosphere which is not allowable. Thus during disposal of salt water technology of skimming oil not only adds profit to company but also helps in keeping environment safe. Thereby providing tag mark to company as ecofriendly and hence adding value to its products. Along with above developed technologies Oilfield Chemicals Manufacturers have also helped in increasing production of oil and natural gas industries by providing drilling fluids. The popularly used drilling fluid is sodium bromide solution.

Mixture of Zinc Bromide

NaBr is a drilling fluid used in combination with sodium chloride or zinc bromide, which provides density of 8.4-12.5 Ibs/gal. It is monovalent and hence most preferred drilling fluid .Moreover it is highly stable in nature and it also eliminates formations of carbonates and sulphates. Besides its use in drilling it has various applications like used as antibacterial and antifungal, for treatment of municipality waste water, for treatment of industrial waste water, for photographic development, as a hypnotic agent, as sedative and anticonvulsant agent and many more.

Sodium Bromide Solution
CSCPL is leading oilfield chemical manufacturer of products like Sodium Bromide Solution, Calcium Bromide solution and Zinc Bromide Solution . It manufactures high quality of NaBr solution complying with international standards and exporting worldwide.

Due to its versatile applications the global demand for NaBr is rapidly increasing. In Asia, India and china has been hub for manufacturing of NaBr. There is lots of demand for NaBr in countries like South America, Africa, and Europe.

Nabr is manufactured by treating NaOH with HBr. It is non explosive and non flammable but may release bromine fumes when heated strongly. Sodium bromide has low toxicity i.e. LD50 values is ranging from 3500 to7000 mg/kg of body weight in rodents.