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Oilfield Chemical Manufacturers

Inventions and development of drilling fluids are outcome of high demand of source of energy whether conventional or non conventional. To fulfil such demand drilling activity is equipped with more and more advance technologies. And development of drilling fluids has encouraged off shore drilling to large extent.

Varieties of Oil field chemicals are available like Calcium bromide, Zinc bromide, Sodium bromide. These are extremely dense Oil well Drilling Chemicals which provide range of densities. And hence they are selected depending on required density. They can be used as single or in combinations to achieve required density.

Proper selection of such Oil well drilling chemicals is important for oil and gas drilling industries. The selected Oil Field Chemicals must not react with drilled gas or oil and it must also be compatible with the land on which drilling is to be done as there must not be environmental problem too.

Oild Field chemicals
All such selection criteria are taken care of to make oil drilling cost effective, as oil and natural gas drilling are costly projects as well as also to make them eco friendly. This forces industries to study the composition and nature of drilling fluids to avoid disposal of drilling fluids after its usage, because its disposal is a major concern to deal with.

Liquid drilling fluids are known as drilling mud or also known as completion fluids. There are many manufacturers of Oil well chemicals in Vadodara manufacturing varieties of such fluids. They are majorly used for drilling oil and gas. During drilling it helps in controlling pressure of oil wells by holding pressure of gases and rock formation. It provides hydraulic pressure to drill bit and thereby helping in drilling well and smoothly. It keeps drilling assembly cool as well as acts as lubricant for it so that no extra pressure is needed for its penetration deep down the earth. It helps in work over process i.e. after drilling activity is done it removes drill bits from wells and hence they are known as completion fluids. It helps in protecting original drilling sites by exerting its pressure on walls of well and thereby preventing its closure i.e. shutting of wells before time. All these advantages of drilling fluids have made it possible for drilling industry to move towards more and more off shore drillings. Off shore drilling is not an easy activity it requires lots of investments in terms of money, man power and most importantly investment in technology.


All these things have made drilling fluids popular as well as its manufacturing increased. Those industries that were not in drilling field started showing interest in the activity. CSCPL is the leading manufacturer of Oil well Chemicals in Vadodara and is well for its quality products globally.