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To Know About Completion Fluids

Clear Brine Fluids Characteristics:

Clear brine fluids are preferred to mud due to the capacity of the salt to go deep into the solution rather than using suspended solids which settle after a long time. Completion fluids are used by the drilling operators when they are on the verge of completing the production of an oil or gas well and while they perform the well testing. Completion fluid is placed inside the well to help with the final operation before starting the production of the hydrocarbons. This fluid is capable of reducing the friction between the parts of the equipments used for bore wells when they start functioning. This fluid is also capable of settling down the production liners of the screen, down hole valves, packers and other equipments used in the production zone.

Sodium Bromide

Completion fluids are brines i.e. mixture of water with Sodium Bromide or sodium chloride. Formates are also used in some cases. They have the proper density and the flow characteristics, high pH content and ionic composition which are chemically suitable for the formation of a reservoir. The fluid should be typically filtered to the greatest degree to avoid deposition of solids to the area near the wellbore.

What is Well Completion?

Completion, with regard to production of petroleum is the process of making a well entirely ready for production or injection. This is actually preparing the bottom of the hole according to the required specifications. Producing the zones require special care in order to maximize production. Various completion fluids are engineered to provide the least damage to the reservoir. When the services, systems and applications are optimized, the completion fluids can ensure higher levels of wellbore management using the latest technologies. The solutions can control formation pressure, minimize the damage to the production zone and prepare the well entirely for the production.

Types of Completion Fluids

Water based fluids:

The drilling mud which contains solids is modified, so it they can be used as completion fluids. It is used because they are comparatively cheaper, easy to maintain and available. But, this type of fluid should not be used unless the well is perforated under-balanced and then placed on flowing production.

Oil Based Fluids:

These fluids are especially selected to protect the clays which are sensitive to water. These fluids are selected to protect the water sensitive clays against the damage caused by formation of chemicals. These fluids contain both dissolved and suspended solids.

Clear Brine Fluids:

Today, most of the completion fluids are designed to be free of solids or with minimum amount of solids. Clear Brine Completion Fluids with inorganic salts are used for achieving a higher density fluid for deeper and hostile environments.