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Global Specialty Chemicals Market By Product Type, Raw Materials (2011-2016)

Specialty chemicals are used to enhance product performances across various industries, including electronics, plastics, and automotives. These chemicals were first used in the textile industry to increase fabric softness and stain resistance. Following the use of chemicals such as fluorocarbon and cellulosic fibres in the textile industry, specialty chemicals have been developed for applications in almost all industries. The global specialty chemicals market has emerged as one of the most critical chemicals segment across the globe. Specialty chemicals have emerged as a two-faced market of extremes in recent times. On one extreme, the market is dominated by large players that have diversified portfolios and employ sophisticated and modern management approach such as Dow Chemicals, BASF, DuPont, Azko Nobel, DSM and so on. These market participants have been aggressive in their acquisitions and have been focusing on multi-chemical abilities, thus employing a commodity-based approach to the market. In several specialty chemical markets, prices had been falling, especially when volumes had increased and production had shifted overseas to places like China and Southeast Asia. This is a natural tendency of shifting from specialty to commodity chemicals over time.

This report analyses the specialty chemicals into two segments, namely target applications and functions such as antioxidants, catalysts, biocides and so on. The applications market includes advanced ceramic materials, construction chemicals, cosmetic chemicals, water management chemicals, oil field chemicals, textile chemicals, food additives and others such as rubber processing chemicals, specialty paper chemicals and so on. There have been separate sections about various the regulations impacting  each of specialty chemicals products by functionality. Specialty chemicals by functions includes adhesives and sealants, catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, flame retardants and others such as separation membranes, synthetic dyes, specialty pigments and water soluble polymers. The report also analyses prices of key raw materials used to manufacture the specialty chemicals. Some of basic materials are crude oil, natural gas, propane, ethane etc.

Report also describes major regions of specialty chemicals market like North America, Europe and Asia. China dominates Asian region with plastic additives with 28% of total   market share. China emerges as strong growth market for supply & demand  in both within Asia and world . China alone contributes 14% of sales share in pesticides whole global market size is worth $ 51billion in 2009.The report forecasts all the application and functional markets; and also identifies and analyzes the market trends, drivers, inhibitors and opportunities in each. The key players and their growth strategies have also been analyzed and explained in the report. Some of them are BAYER, BASF,DOW Chemicals, Dupont , DSM, Huntsman , Mitsubishi , DIC ,Kurita.

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