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How essential is the role of HMDSO in the manufacturing of HMDS?

Hexamethyl Disiloxane or HMDSO is an essential organosilicon compound with a molecular formula of O [Si (CH3)3]2. It is a volatile and colorless liquid which is used as a proper reagent and solvent in the process of organic synthesis. The preparation of HMDSO is done using a procedure named hydrolysis of trimethylsilyl chloride. It can be easily said about HMDSO is that it is an important pharma intermediate because it helps in the preparation of HMDS. A Hexamethyl Disiloxane Manufacturer that produces this intermediate knows the fact that it plays a very crucial role in several pharmaceutical applications.


HMDSO as an essential pharma intermediate and its varied uses

HMDSO is mainly used worldwide for the purpose of calibrating chemical shift in 1H NMR spectroscopy as a suitable internal standard. It is also quite simply handled since it is not at all volatile in nature. It also has bad solvating power as compared to alkanes. This is the reason why it is usually employed for the purposes of crystallizing extremely lipophilic compounds. HMDSO as a pharma intermediate is used in different types of liquid bandages for ensuring that damaged skin gets cured easily. As per various scientific researches, HMDSO is being studied for preparing low-k dielectric materials.

How does HMDSO help in preparing HMDS?

HMDSO is commonly utilized as a major source of the trimethylsilyl functional group including HMDS in the process of organic synthesis. For instance, HMDSO converts carboxylic acids and alcohol into various types of silyl esters and silyl ethers in the presence of a suitable acid catalyst.

Applications of HMDS

HMDS as a popular pharma intermediate can be easily utilized for silylating laboratory glassware and ensure that it becomes automobile glass, hydrophobic, just as an intermediate Rain-X wiper blade does. In an efficient process like gas chromatography, HMDS can be utilized for silylating OH groups of organic compounds for enhancing the volatility, this way permitting GC-analysis of pharma intermediate chemicals that are otherwise quite non-volatile.

Photolithography is a popular process in which HMDS is used quite often for photoresist as an adhesion promoter. The best results can be easily acquired by applying HMDS on heated substrates. In a process like electron microscopy, HMDS can be easily utilized as a substitute to a crucial point drying during the preparation. HMDS is carefully added to the analyte for creating sylilated diagnostic products during the process of pyrolysis, for enhancing detectability of polar functional groups with various compounds. HMDS is also required for priming wafers which is an important part of the process of photoresist adhesion.


These are some of the crucial things that you should remember about the role of HMDSO in the preparation of HMDS and its varied applications. Hexamethyl Disiloxane along with HMDS are two of the most popular pharma intermediates that have gained immense significance. The demand for these two intermediates is increasing day by day.