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Growth of Chemical Industries and Pharma Intermediates in India

Chemicals play an important role in our daily life. For every second task, we require chemicals. For washing clothes, utensils or for house cleaning activities, everywhere we need the power of chemicals to achieve cleanliness.

Many of the changes we observe in the natural world around us are actually caused by chemical reactions, such as the changing colors of leaves and the growth of a flower. Chemicals are a significant contributor to our economy. Chemicals are a blessing as well as a curse. Just as we keep the benefits of chemicals in our life, we should also treat them with respect and care so as to minimize any harmful impact.

We have many such manufacturing chemical industries which produce a number of chemical products for daily use and other industrial uses. Chemconis one of the leading manufacturerof pharmaceuticals and oilfield chemicals which provides high-quality products and services and meet customer’s satisfaction level.

As we all know CPHI is the main event in the pharmaceutical industry throughout the Indian region. It has developed as the perfect platform for all the suppliers and customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.Chemcon is soon going to exhibit at CPHI India 2016, which is located on MMRDA Grounds at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai from 21st of November 2016 to 23rd November, 2016.We request our customers to visit us at our stand in Hall C booth number CB15.

Chemical Intermediates

Chemical Intermediate is a process which includes any chemical substance produced during the conversion of some reactant to products. The syntheticprocesses involve theconversion of some readily available and inexpensive substance to desired product through a succession of steps. All the substances generated by one step and used for the succeeding step are considered as Intermediates, and the reaction taking place is called as chemical Intermediate.

Pharmaceutical Industries in India:

The pharmaceutical industry in India ranks 3rd in the world terms of volume and 14th in terms of value. Pharmaceutical industry contributes socioeconomic benefits to the society and provides significant creation of jobs, supply chains, and community development.The contribution of thepharmaceutical sector in India’s GDP is 2% and 12% of themanufacturing sector.

Factors you should consider for choosing, Pharma Intermediates India:

• Over 60% of the bulk, drugs were exported, mostly to the United States and Russia whereas, 85% of these formulations such as Bis (2-chloroethyl) amine hydrochloride were sold in India.
• The domestic market is worth US$13.8 billion and is expected to reach US$49 billion by coming years.
• Indian Pharmaceutical Industry creates thebulk of demand for drugs for almost 70% of the domestic demand and about 40% is exported.
• Most of the sellers in the market are small-to-medium enterprises.
• The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is one of the major foreign direct investment sectors.
• Formulation constitutes of total 50% exports like 3-Dimethylaminopropyl chloride hydrochloride and the other 45% comprise of drugs in bulk.
• The Indian Pharma Industry includes small scaled, medium scaled, large-scale sellers ofthe total 300 companies belonging to different sectors.
• Global companies including India have 175 investment intentions worth Rs. 1,000 crore (US$ 150.84 million) in the pharmaceutical sector.