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Functions of Drilling Fluids

Specialized Chemicals:

The petroleum industry depends on several specialized chemicals to take up new and challenging oil and gas exploration projects. These chemicals are specialized chemicals and play different roles in different phases of drilling. Therefore, the role of experience and knowhow offered by the companies, manufacturing these chemicals is imperative.


Zinc bromide is one such chemical. It is a double salt (CaBr2 and ZnBr2) and is a clear brine fluid free from solids. It is also used in completion fluids and is stable both chemically and thermally.

Transfer Cuttings to Top:

The most basic function of a drilling fluid is that it allows transfer of drilled cuttings to the top. To make sure that this happens the fluid should have enough suspension properties so that drill bits as well as commercially added ingredients, don’t get settled. The chemical properties of the fluid must be checked so that it does not allow dispersion of the solids from the surface. Otherwise, these bits can breakdown into very fine particles that can destroy the producing zone and hamper drilling efficiency.

Check well-Control Problems:

Another significant use of these fluids is the hydrostatic pressure they exert in the well, in the form of a column on the well bore. The pressure created balances or exceeds the normal formation pressure in order to prevent the inflow of gas or other fluids.When appropriate fluid density is maintained the job is done smoothly and safely.

Maintain Wellbore Stability:

Driling Fluids

Drilling fluid density is maintained at an optimum level in order to control formation pressures. This also helps prevent whole collapse and shale destabilization. The physic-chemical properties as well as the density should be taken into consideration to get the best results for a particular period of time. The most Important Use of Drilling Fluids. They have to be properly designed in order to meet the various requirements of the project. They should have the capability to blend with other solutions if need be.

Lower Damage:

High quality fluids can prevent formation damage at the time of drilling operation.

Lubricate and Cool Drill-String:

During the drilling operation the drill bit together with the drill string revolve at an extremely high speed. Consequently a lot of heat is produced. But, because of the use of the drilling fluid that circulates in the drills and the wellbore, friction is reduced to a great extent. It also offers necessary lubrication to help in the movement of the bottom whole assembly and the drill pipe.

Since, the drilling fluid is in direct and continuous contact with the wellbore, it helps in gathering a lot of information about the surface being drilled. The drilling fluid is capable of retaining the cutting which can then be studied.

Completion 19.2™
is a widely used drilling fluid and can be obtained from reputed manufacturers and suppliers in India.