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Completion Fluids – Must for Petroleum Industry

Grounding of Completion Fluids

In order to first understand the significance of preparation of the completion fluids, it is first and foremost crucial to know about the utility of the same in today’s context. In this regard, it can be said that the completion fluids are actually used during the oil drilling processes carried out by the petroleum industries when the process is at the last stage or verge of completion and hence the name completion fluids. Basically, this is a very critical process and therefore, needs to be done with utmost care and attention. Chemically, completion fluids are nothing but clear brine fluids that have the quality of seeping deep down into the solution instead of the suspended particles that usually take a long time in settling down. This is the reason that these are used in a widespread manner by petroleum industries throughout India and world as well.

Drilling Process with Hydrobromic Acid

One of the most popularly used completion fluids is known as Hydrobromic acid that has got the chemical formula of HBr along with various other useful properties that make it a favorite choice amongst the petroleum industry. These include its ability to reduce friction between the equipment parts that are utilized in the bore wells before the start of the processes. They can easily go down the valves, packers and allied equipments used in the drilling process and hence, can be made to catalyze the process of extracting out the hydrocarbons. As a matter of fact, the densities, specific gravities, high pH content, ionic composition and other related chemical properties are equally responsible for easing the process of oil and gas drilling process.

Types of Fluids

However, it is better to follow certain precautionary measures while using this particular chemical such as filtering the same to the highest possible level for avoiding deposition of solids in and around the wellbore, which is the core area of drilling process and ought not to be contaminated at any cost. Hydrobromic acid or HBr is an inorganic salt of bromine that basically forms a part of the Clear Brine Fluids, which are always freed from any sort of solid component for making it suitable for the oil and gas drilling processes. This chemical is either used as a single salt or mixed with some other salts of calcium or sodium such as sodium bromide or calcium bromide in order to achieve a wide range of densities as per the varying requirements of the petroleum industries nowadays. This is one of the main advantages of the completion fluids and hence, nowadays, the petroleum industries simply cannot do without these types of fluids. This is the reason that these fluids are being prepared in a large scale in India for use within India as well as abroad.