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Calcium Bromide Powder | Most Significant Oilfield Chemicals

Oilfield Chemical Forever Guaranteed:

Apart from being used widely as a dense aqueous solution for drilling fluids, this oilfield chemical is also used in fire retardants, food preservatives, neuroses medication and freezing mixtures. Owing to the uses of such chemicals, purity becomes the primary concern at the time of its purchase, as the desired output can never be achieved if the input that is being used is lacking qualities that it is deemed to carry along with it. In order to be sure in such cases, purchases should always be made from a reliable manufacturer, exporter or supplier of oilfield chemical, so that the purity of a oilfield chemical can always be guaranteed.

Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of oilfield chemicals, which produces high quality calcium bromide, and is also trusted by many owing to the purity that it provides in terms of its products. Available in varied concentrations, it is formulated with premium chemical compounds.

Technical Specifications of Calcium Bromide:

It is a clear colorless liquid, having an assay (as CaBr2 by titration) of 52% ww. It has a specific gravity of 1.70 gmml or 14.2 lbgal. The concentration of Chlorides (CI-), Sulphates (SO4-2) and heavy metals are 0.30% ww, 0.1% ww and 10PPM respectively. The pH 5% solution @25oC varies between 6.5 to 8.5, and the water insoluble (by gravimetric) is 0.30%. Its crystallization point is below -7Oc (20oF). It has Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) No. 7789-41-5 and EINECS No. 212-164-6. It has very strong hygroscopicity.

Importance of Calcium Bromide:

Completion dry 14.2TM, chemically known as Calcium Bromide Powder, is having widespread uses in a number of projects. Physically the fluid is colorless and clear or more or less light yellow transparent one and the chemical formula for the same is CaBr2. This particular fluid is very much popular as a work over fluid that is used for controlling wellbore pressures in upstream oil and gas operations. However, in addition to this, the salt can very well be used individually or in collaboration with other salts viz: calcium chloride and zinc chloride for a clear and solid free fluid based on various crystallization temperatures and densities. It is also used in oil drilling, completion, work over and other operations that are associated with chemical cutting fluid. The main advantage is to avoid pollution of the oil bearing layer, so that high yield wells, stable production, so that rate of production of oil is effectively improved. Apart from the aforesaid, it is also being used in high energy batteries, rubber industry colorants and also in other fields.