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Global Specialty Chemicals Market By Product Type, Raw Materials (2011-2016)

Specialty chemicals are used to enhance product performances across various industries, including electronics, plastics, and automotives. These chemicals were first used in the textile industry to increase fabric softness and stain resistance. Following the use of chemicals such as fluorocarbon and cellulosic fibres in the textile industry, specialty chemicals have been developed for applications in … Continue reading

The core of the specialty chemicals market is a combination of innovation and customer service. Environmental concerns and evolving customer needs will force the industry to innovate even further with novel solutions.

Specialty chemicals are generally defined within the chemical industry as niche chemicals and polymers with unique functions to enhance performance. They are used in a variety of industries, including waste water treatment, textiles, agriculture, oil and gas, electronics, and consumer goods. Specialty chemicals are usually at the higher end of the chemical value-chain, and are … Continue reading

Specialty sector poised to be the fastest growing segment in Indian chemical industry

The Indian chemical industry, currently valued at $ 136 billion approximately, is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10-12% over the next five years, pointed out Frost & Sullivan in its whitepaper titled ‘Indian chemical industry and mega trends impacting the industry’. The whitepaper will be presented at the Indian Chemicals … Continue reading

Overview of the Specialty Chemicals Industry

After three years of recovery from the Great Recession, global demand for specialty chemicals weakened again in 2012, and in 2013 remained at a growth level similar to 2012. Manufacturing industry activity globally grew slightly and specialty chemical demand followed in consequence. The crisis in the euro zone is no longer acute, with countries like … Continue reading

Chemicals’ changing competitive landscape

High energy prices and the global economy’s eastward shift are changing the formula for success. Newcomers must build capabilities, and incumbents must sharpen value propositions. A major shift in the competitive landscape of the worldwide chemical industry is under way as new players from oil- and gas-producing countries and the high-growth developing markets of China … Continue reading

What’s next for international chemical companies in China ???

China’s economic expansion has slowed, but the country remains the most important growth market for most—if not all—global chemical companies. International companies have a strong hand to play there. Not only will the country continue to be a major importer of commodity chemicals over the next decade, but international companies also have the more sophisticated … Continue reading