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Growth of Chemical Industries and Pharma Intermediates in India

Chemicals play an important role in our daily life. For every second task, we require chemicals. For washing clothes, utensils or for house cleaning activities, everywhere we need the power of chemicals to achieve cleanliness. Many of the changes we observe in the natural world around us are actually caused by chemical reactions, such as … Continue reading

Oilfield Chemical Manufacturers

Inventions and development of drilling fluids are outcome of high demand of source of energy whether conventional or non conventional. To fulfil such demand drilling activity is equipped with more and more advance technologies. And development of drilling fluids has encouraged off shore drilling to large extent. Varieties of Oil field chemicals are available like … Continue reading

Speciality Chemicals Used by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Speciality Chemicals Market: Speciality chemicals have wide applications and used for various activities. In pharma industries they are used in various stages like either as key starting material i.e. raw material, in intermediates stage or in final stage of APIs. Speciality chemicals industries have likely to grow 4-5 times i.e. up to $ 80-100 billion … Continue reading

Oilfield services and oilfield chemical suppliers

On-shore Drilling Activity Due to development in the field of technology and mechanics, many industries have taken steps forward to switch over to fully automated, safe and ecofriendly systems for drilling oil and natural gas. During performing on-shore drilling activity a by product of oil production is produced i.e. salt water. They are stored in … Continue reading

Specialty Chemicals Industry – Making India a Global Manufacturing Powerhouse

Specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates such as HMDS, CMIC, HMDSO and TMCS have captured a significant share in the Indian market due to their immense demand in this part of the world. These chemicals are sold mainly on the basis of their function or performance. These chemicals can be complex formulations or single entities depending … Continue reading

Pharmaceutical Intermediates manufacturers in Vadodara, Gujarat

The Pharmaceutical industry in India is the world’s third-largest in terms of volume and 10th largest in value terms. According to the department of pharmaceuticals, India, the total turnover of India’s pharmaceuticals industry between 2008 and September 2009 was US$21.04 billion. The Indian market is expected to grow to the level of $50bn by 2020.India … Continue reading

Clear Brine Fluids Used in Oil Well Drilling

Clear brine fluids are the saline liquids that are used in various oil well drilling completion operations. They are use in preparation of a penetrating bore well hole for oil and gas drilling. There are various classes of brines like chloride brines, bromides, and formats. Amongst these the bromides, because of their characteristic high densities … Continue reading

Applications of Hexamethyl Disilazane in Paints and Coatings Industry

For protective paint coatings to be effective for a longer duration of time, they must have good adhesion properties. Adhesion is a widely used term in the field of chemistry and there are several domains that define it differently. When used in reference to paint systems, adhesion is defined by three main properties: adsorption, chemical, … Continue reading

Importance of Brine Composition and Density for Oil Well Drilling

Drilling fluids are essential chemicals that are used for any oil well exploration activities like removal of cuttings from underneath the borehole, suspend and transport cuttings, lubricate the drilling surface, etc. There are some minimum properties of Oil Well Drilling fluids that need to be maintained in order to make the drilling fluid an effective … Continue reading

Chlorine free Brines are used in Drilling Fluids

An oil well brine is the saline liquid that is used in oil well drilling completion operations while penetrating a bore well for oil and gas production. Brines are the most preferred choice in oil well drilling activities because they have higher densities than fresh water but lack solid particles that might damage producible formations. … Continue reading