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A mega event for oilfield & drilling industry – ADIPEC

ADIPEC, started in 1984, has been providing a monopolized platform for many oil and gas professionals from around the world. Held in Middle East, the thriving hub of the petroleum industry, ADIPEC provides a wide platform to highlight and address the industry’s exclusive topics. CHEMCON Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, based in  Vadodara, to the west of Gujarat, proudly announces to be a part of this elite event.


CHEMCON is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates and oilfield chemicals or Completion Fluids with high grade purity, complying with GMP guidelines and the highest standards of API-RP-13J in the oilfield industry. CHEMCOM, with two decades of hands-on experience in oilfield and chemical industry, has diversified in manufacturing of clear brine fluids to satiate the growing demand of oilfield chemicals.

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CHEMCON specializes in the production of Calcium Bromide(CaBr2) which is an excellent drilling tool and is a very popular choice in the oilfield industry. With immense increase in drilling activities in petroleum exploration, the demand for clear brine fluids has sky-rocketed. Thus, to meet these global demands, CHEMCON offers this completion fluid in both, powder and liquid forms. In its liquid form, it serves as an excellent drilling mud that helps balance the unstable strata while drilling oil & gas and prevents intrusion of water that may be encountered while drilling on uneven surfaces.  In its powder form, it dissolves in water & other brines, and yields completion workover and packer fluids of densities upto 2.3 gm/ml (19.2 lb/gal). CaBr2 can also be used for the purpose of achieving quick density improvements with a low volume increase. It inhibits migration and hydration of specific swelling clays and can therefore be used for the desired packer fluids. CaBr2 is becoming a popular choice in oil and gas drilling, it is, infact preferred over many other fluids because it mixes easily with all the major zinc and calcium based brines, adjusts the density of other brine systems, is chemically and thermally stable, and is absolutely non-damaging to formation. Also if there are any budget cuts due to issues in transportation of liquid fluid, its powder form can work as an excellent drilling agent too.

Growing  drilling activities across China, Egypt, Russia, Gulf of Mexico and the U.S. have driven an increase in the demand for clear brine fluids. With CHEMCON’s approximate production of CaBr2 in powder form being 3,500 tons per annum and in liquid form being 18,000 tons per annum, we soon endeavor to make our place in the top Drilling Muds producing companies in India and beyond.

ADIPEC Chemcon

We excel among Indian as well as overseas companies for our contribution of high grade Oilfield Chemicals. ADIPEC, being an elite event in oilfield and drilling industry, CHEMCON is excited to be a part of the event, to be held from 9th to 12th November, 2015 and would be available to serve the oilfield industry during and after the event via Email and Telephonic inquiries.