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Pharmaceutical Chemicals and Their Working View

Variety of Pharmaceutical Chemical Starting from the raw material applications to intermediaries and final stages, these chemicals are completely integral to the preparation of pharmaceutical products, which are in turn necessary for various kinds of medicinal formulations or other allied applications. Consequently, it has become crucial on the part of the chemical manufacturing company to … Continue reading

Speciality Chemicals Used by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Speciality Chemicals Market: Speciality chemicals have wide applications and used for various activities. In pharma industries they are used in various stages like either as key starting material i.e. raw material, in intermediates stage or in final stage of APIs. Speciality chemicals industries have likely to grow 4-5 times i.e. up to $ 80-100 billion … Continue reading

Specialty Chemicals Industry – Making India a Global Manufacturing Powerhouse

Specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates such as HMDS, CMIC, HMDSO and TMCS have captured a significant share in the Indian market due to their immense demand in this part of the world. These chemicals are sold mainly on the basis of their function or performance. These chemicals can be complex formulations or single entities depending … Continue reading