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Completion Fluids – Must for Petroleum Industry

Grounding of Completion Fluids In order to first understand the significance of preparation of the completion fluids, it is first and foremost crucial to know about the utility of the same in today’s context. In this regard, it can be said that the completion fluids are actually used during the oil drilling processes carried out … Continue reading

Significance of drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration projects

Ideal Drilling Fluids: The exploration projects are indeed daunting enough that require lots of efforts because the drilling operations ought to be precise and perfect enough to extract out the fluids properly. The drilling fluids make the tasks pretty easier because these aid a lot in the process of drilling. Owing to their unique physical … Continue reading

To Know About Completion Fluids

Clear Brine Fluids Characteristics: Clear brine fluids are preferred to mud due to the capacity of the salt to go deep into the solution rather than using suspended solids which settle after a long time. Completion fluids are used by the drilling operators when they are on the verge of completing the production of an … Continue reading

Pharmaceutical Chemicals and Their Working View

Variety of Pharmaceutical Chemical Starting from the raw material applications to intermediaries and final stages, these chemicals are completely integral to the preparation of pharmaceutical products, which are in turn necessary for various kinds of medicinal formulations or other allied applications. Consequently, it has become crucial on the part of the chemical manufacturing company to … Continue reading

Clear Brine Fluids are the Next Huge Object

Information about Brine: Oil based completion fluidsare active, but also controversial, and the water-based fluids need to be disposed of after one use. Brine Fluidsare proved to be the real alternatives. There are so many benefits in using brine-based drilling fluids which are not only environment-friendly, but also offer excellent rates in forming the rock … Continue reading

Growth of Chemical Industries and Pharma Intermediates in India

Chemicals play an important role in our daily life. For every second task, we require chemicals. For washing clothes, utensils or for house cleaning activities, everywhere we need the power of chemicals to achieve cleanliness. Many of the changes we observe in the natural world around us are actually caused by chemical reactions, such as … Continue reading

Speciality Chemicals Used by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Speciality Chemicals Market: Speciality chemicals have wide applications and used for various activities. In pharma industries they are used in various stages like either as key starting material i.e. raw material, in intermediates stage or in final stage of APIs. Speciality chemicals industries have likely to grow 4-5 times i.e. up to $ 80-100 billion … Continue reading

Specialty Chemicals Industry – Making India a Global Manufacturing Powerhouse

Specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates such as HMDS, CMIC, HMDSO and TMCS have captured a significant share in the Indian market due to their immense demand in this part of the world. These chemicals are sold mainly on the basis of their function or performance. These chemicals can be complex formulations or single entities depending … Continue reading

Why Choose the Best in Business Pharma Intermediates Manufacturers?

Pharma intermediates manufacturers With the growth of industries like oil, refinery and pharma, the demand for high end intermediates has also increased significantly over a period of time. This is the major reason behind the strong role of pharma intermediates manufacturers in the success or failure of these thriving industries. Intermediate elements like Hexamethyl Disilazane … Continue reading

Silylating reactions using hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS) as an alternative in the analysis of ambers

From the Old ages, the Amber’s unique physical properties have been exploited in the production of tools, ornaments and works of art. The use of derivatisation reagents that transform the polar pyrolysis products into less polar and more volatile compounds, improves the analytical performance and the detection limits of the technique. Tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide (TMAH) … Continue reading