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Monthly Archives: September 2015

HMDS Applications in the Semiconductor Electronics Industry

Hexamethyl Disilazane is a commonly used pharmaceutical intermediate which is instrumental in the success of various manufacturing processes carried out in large pharma industry. However, not many people know the fact that, HMDS is used heavily in the semiconductor electronics industry as CVD/ALD precursors and photoresist adhesion promoters mainly for ultra-low K dielectrics, low temperature … Continue reading

Hexamethyl Disiloxane – Sustainable Rise in the Demand of Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Hexamethyl Disiloxane is one of the most significant pharmaceutical ingredients catering to the demand of the pharma industry. Chemcon Specialty Chemicals has been focusing on manufacturing quality chemicals like HMDS so that they can be used in manufacturing processes with great ease. This clear and colorless liquid named HMDSO has a molecular formula C6H18OSi2. The … Continue reading